More Family Photos… (A little late)

Looking through my “Draft” posts last night, I realized I put this one together back in October and never actually published it! Since I LOVE these photos so much, I figured I may as well share it now. :)

To say I love our family photos is an understatement. If I had the time to sit and stare at them all day, trust me, I would. They turned out so amazingly, and they just capture Blaire’s little personality so perfectly. I just had to share a few more.

Blaire Golf Balls



IMG_4375 IMG_4569

Hopefully she doesn’t want to kill us for those last two someday. Her baby rolls are just the cutest, how could we not document them?!? I actually went in to this shoot with the mindset that I was against “naked” baby pictures. But then our photographer found the amazing spot with the long grass and asked if we wanted to try some with just the crown. Seeing how happy she was and how adorable she looked in the crown made me change my mind and I was down to do whatever we could to document our adorable little girl. The floral crown was custom-made to match the little dress she was wearing. My friend Tiff at Tied in Twine  did an amazing job and she had such a fast turn around time. With Blaire growing and changing every day (or so it seems), I wish we could get them taken every month. I know that’s extreme. So, how often do you get family photos taken? I’d love to hear which milestones you schedule your photos for. xo

Pumpkin Patch Trip 2

This past weekend was so beautiful! It was in the low 70s and sunny, which made for perfect pumpkin pickin’ weather. We spent a few hours at a giant pumpkin patch about 45 minutes away. Jason and I actually went there when we first started dating because they have a giant corn maze (and I feel like every couple feels like they have to go to the pumpkin patch together). So it was fun to go back! We went on a hay-rack ride, walked around the pumpkin patch and watched a pumpkin canon shoot pumpkins almost a mile! Blaire wasn’t such a fan of the loud noise at first, but got used to it pretty quickly. Blaire loved the petting zoo and seeing all of the kids running around everywhere. Have I mentioned that she loves kids? Anytime she spots one she gets a giant smile. I think it has to do with the kids at daycare. It’s like she knows these people do funny things, so she better pay attention! Anyways, we all had a lot of fun and Blaire was asleep minutes after I buckled her into her seat.


She just loves her tiny pumpkin.


She’s adorable even with a mean mug.

Last week our country club had pumpkin decorating at family night. Here’s some photos of our pumpkin with her pumpkin. ;)



Can you believe Halloween is only two days away? I am SO excited to put Blaire in her bunny costume. What is your little one going to dress up as?

Another Weekend Gone

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was as fun as ours! :) We are starting week 3 that our dishwasher has been broken. It is the worst! (I take that back. Having the washer or dryer break would be the worst. Dishwasher is third worst.) My dad is the fixer of all things and hasn’t been able to get it back up and running yet. Here’s hoping it is fixed next weekend because washing dishes by hand is a serious time-suck! Good thing doing the dishes is my husband’s thing and not mine. ;)

On Friday my brother was in town for a few job interviews. During his second interview he was offered the job on the spot, and he accepted! It’s his first big-kid job (he graduated from Pharmacy School this Spring) and I’m so proud of him! He came over to hang out with Blaire between his interviews, and to celebrate we took him out to dinner once Jason got home from work. Since he’s a good sport he went to Carter’s with us so I could buy Blaire this flannel shirt and this ADORABLE jumpsuit. On the way home we stopped for Whiteys Ice Cream. Yum! Once we got home Blaire got a kick out of hearing Jason’s brother announcing the high school game on the computer. She just loved hearing him say her name!

Photo Oct 17, 8 47 00 PM

On Saturday, my parents and one of my brothers came over bright and early (not really, it was 11am) so that my dad could fix the heater on our dishwasher. We had Happy Joe’s pizza for lunch (yummy!) and they headed home around 3pm. Then we had some errands to run, so we went to SAMs Club to return our ‘Simply Right’ baby wipes that were recalled. (You can find information on the recall here.) While we were there we had to check out the samples and we picked up those adorable Carter’s purple-striped pengiun PJs from my last post. They were only $8! From there we headed to Babies R Us because I had a 20% off coupon and $15 in Rewards. I have had my eye on this door jumper, and with the rewards and coupon it was $1.06. Win! If you haven’t already signed up for the Babies R Us Rewards program, then you’re missing out!

Photo Oct 18, 4 27 54 PMHeadband /// Top /// Leggings

Photo Oct 18, 6 24 53 PMJumpsuit /// Door Jumper

Our one last Saturday project was to move Blaire’s toys to the basement. Now that she’s older it seems like her toys are getting bigger and bigger, and she’s getting more and more of them. On Friday I realized the craziness that had become our living room. (See first photo below!) One of the best features of our house is the giant, finished basement. We’re so lucky that there’s plenty of space down there. We really only use half of it right now, so as she grows, she can take over the other side. But, for now we’ll share our space. ;)

Photo Oct 17, 11 15 50 AM

Photo Oct 18, 7 22 55 PM

On Sunday we started our morning with mass. Two babies were baptized during our service. Baptisms are so exciting. Blaire’s baptism feels like soooo long ago. (Does July count as soooo long ago?)  After mass we headed home to eat some lunch and let Blaire take a nap before we headed to the pumpkin patch. This was Blaire’s first time at the pumpkin patch and we were both super excited to take her. The patch we went to had lots of farm animals (pigs, cows, sheep, goats, chickens) and Blaire let out little squeals of happiness each time one of the animals made a noise. She seemed to really like watching the other kids feed the goats and pigs in the petting zoo. It was such a windy day, with no sun in sight, so it didn’t exactly make for the best photos. The good news is we’ll be heading to a different pumpkin patch with some friends this coming weekend! Here’s hoping it’s a sunny, gorgeous day. :)

Pumpkin Patch

Photo Oct 19, 4 28 00 PM Jason’s Shirt (American Eagle) /// K’Tan Carrier /// Blaire’s Hat (Knit by my Pharmacist Brother) /// Blaire’s Fleece Vest (Carter’s) /// My Fleece ///  My Boots

Blaire was asleep for Nap #2 approximately 10 minutes after this second photo was taken. It’s hard work being carried around a pumpkin patch. Which reminds me, what did people do before baby wearing was so main stream? Thank God for this K’Tan wrap that I randomly found on sale at Target for $9. (It was an “Online Only” item that someone had returned in store. I couldn’t pass that up!) While the Baby Björn we have is easier/faster to put on, I think the K’Tan is much cozier, because it holds her closer to my body.

 Photo Oct 19, 6 04 20 PMHeadband /// Everything else – Carter’s

I just read in Parents Magazine that we have fewer than 1,000 Saturdays with our kids from the day they’re born until their 18th birthday (approx. 940). Talk about crazy! This was such an eye-opener to me. It makes me want to squeeze in even more bonding time during our precious weekends. How about you? How do you make the most of the weekends with your little one? xo

Fall Family Photo Sneak Peek

We just received our Fall Family Photos back from our photographer and I am absolutely in love with each and every one of them! I just had to share a few here on the blog. A little back story… these photos were taken at the country club where my husband and I met three years ago. We also took our engagement pictures here (two years ago!). We are so lucky to have met on such a beautiful golf course. It makes for amazing photos every time.