9 & 10 Month Must Haves

Well, time has gotten away from me and every time I sat down to put together Blaire’s 9 month must-haves, I just couldn’t seem to get it finished up. Once I was finally getting it finished (after Blaire turned 10 months old) I realized that she really has been drawn to the same things the past two months, so I’d just combine them. At this age Blaire is curious about everything! She loves putting things into another thing (a ball/doll/anything into a cup), she still loves chewing on EVERYTHING and she’s learning how to walk and use those legs to push herself when sitting. Below are our must-haves for 9 and 10 months.
9 10 Mo Must Haves

Wooden Puzzle // Stride & Ride Elephant // Stuffed Elmo // Sippy Cup // Elephant Ball Popper

Hape Color and Shape Sorter: Blaire has a little wooden puzzle that she just absolutely loves! She basically just likes to chew on the pieces because they’re colorful and easy to carry around. Hers is a hand-me-down, so it’s not made anymore. This puzzle is very similar.

Stuffed Elmo: Blaire has really loved stuffed animals the past few months. She’s always dragging one around with her and cuddling up to them. This Elmo is the perfect size for both! Plus, she LOVES Elmo on Sesame Street. She likes to take this guy everywhere.

Fisher Price 3-in-1 Bounce, Stride & Ride Elephant: At this age, Blaire is constantly on the go. She’s been crawling for over a month now and spends the majority of her day pulling herself up onto anything she can, and she loves standing on her own. She likes sitting on this elephant, but doesn’t quite get that she can bounce on it yet. But her favorite thing to do is push it! She loves being able to “walk” by herself and she could push this thing around the room all day if we let her!

Rise and Shine Sippy Cup: We have some “fancy” sippy cups that Blaire just doesn’t get the hang of yet. I picked this one up at the mall one day and she loves it! Plus I love it because it’s clearly a baby Starbucks cup.

Poppin Park Elefun Ball Popper: Okay, so Blaire doesn’t quite get how to put the balls into this to get them to pop out, but she LOVES the balls. She carries them around and chases them around the room (so do the cats!). And she knows how to push the button to get it to turn on. She loves the music so much that when it stops, she’ll crawl back over to it and push the button to get it to turn back on. It’s SO cute!

Cold Season Must-Haves

Is it fitting that my last post was titled, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and now I’m writing about colds? Probably. Now that it’s basically winter outside, it’s time to start preparing for cold season. Poor Blaire has been battling a cold for the past two weeks. It got worse over the weekend so we went to the doctor on Monday. He assured us that it’s still just a cold and it will eventually pass. We’re no strangers to a sick baby… Throughout her 8 months, Blaire has had several ear infections, lots of stuffy noses and even spent three days in the hospital with pneumonia (back when she was 3 months old). These were the worst three days of my life. There is nothing as heartbreaking as a helpless, sick child. Through our battles with colds and illnesses, these are the things I’ve found to be especially helpful when our little one is battling a cold. (Please be sure to always check the labels on these products to ensure your little one is old enough for them. Most of these products are not safe for newborns or infants under 3 months of age. It’s always recommended to consult your baby’s physician before giving them medication.) I hope that your little one will stay healthy all year-round and that you won’t have to use any of these, but just in case…

Cold Season Must Haves for Babies Saline Drops // Gel Sheets // Thermometer // Resinol // Humidifier // NoseFrida // Vicks

Saline Nose Spray/Drops: This is actually the exact brand that was prescribed to us in the hospital when Blaire had pneumonia. If you’re not familiar, you place a few drops in your child’s nostril (it loosens any mucus that’s there) and then you quickly suck it out. If you don’t suck it out quickly enough, then it will push that gross stuff down your child’s throat. Either way, you’re making it easier for them to breathe. :)

Be Koool Soft Gel Sheets: These little gel sheets were recommended to me by my best friend! She has always used them on her daughter whenever she has a fever. The name says it all. They’re cool, gel strips that you can stick on your child (forehead, chest, back) and it helps to cool them down. Blaire has always seemed to like them when she has a fever. Since they’re so cool, she usually does a cute little shiver when I first put them on, and then doesn’t mess with them.

Safety 1st Digital Thermometer: Anytime your baby is battling a cold it’s important to regularly check their temperature to ensure they’re not running a fever. We registered for one of the temporal scanners, but read so many mixed reviews about whether or not they were trusted for an accurate temperature. We ended up exchanging it for a simple, digital thermometer.

Resinol Ointment: Whether it’s from the cold or illness itself, or from the antibiotic your baby has been prescribed, then you know that many sick babies end up with diaper rash.  I was trying this Maximum Strength Butt Paste and it just wasn’t helping, it actually seemed to be making it worse. I reached out to my amazing Facebook friends and they had so many recommendations! Paladin was one of the most recommended ointments, but my Walgreens claimed not to carry it. So instead I went with the Resinol and have also been using this Gold Bond Medicated Baby Powder. It’s been 24 hours and it is already so much better. They have been such a lifesaver.

Crane Cool Mist Drop Shape Humidifier: I LOVE this humidifier. It works great and it so cute. We keep this one in our room, and have this cute owl humidifier in Blaire’s room. I love hers, too! We actually bought it last winter when I was pregnant and had a cold. It stopped working shortly after Blaire was born (late March, maybe?) I hadn’t filled out the product registration or kept my proof of purchase, so there technically wasn’t anything Crane could do for me. However, since I had purchased through Bed, Bath & Beyond, they were willing to swap it out for me. I was so excited, since checking with them was a last resort… I highly recommend shopping with them!

NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator: So this seems gross, and it kind of is. But, any parent with a child who is having trouble sleeping or eating because they can’t breathe well through their nose will go to extreme lengths to help them. This includes sucking out their nose. Please note: there is a little filter between the base and the tube, so you will NOT get anything in your mouth. Seriously. You won’t.

Vicks Baby Rub: This is something I have always found useful anytime I’m congested. I’ve become aware to the fact that there’s a great debate as to whether or not it actually helps you breathe better, or just makes you feel like you’re breathing better.  For us, on the nights that I’ve used this on her, there really seems to be a difference in her breathing. While she’s still congested, it definitely seems like she is breathing a little easier.

Again. These are just the things that I keep on hand and find to work well for us. …Here’s hoping our sweet girl is all better soon. I hate hearing her cough and struggle to breathe through her nose all night long. (I’m also not a fan of waking up every 30 minutes throughout the night and getting up at 4:50am.) I’d love to hear what you use when your little one is under the weather. Having a healthy, happy baby is my #1 priority.  xo

7 Month Must-Haves

7 months already? Where has the time gone? At 7 months old, Blaire is just ready to go, go, go. Some of the milestones we’ve hit now at 7 months are teething, eating, and playing! Naturally, our must-haves will cover those three major areas.

Can you spot the tooth that's popped through?

Can you spot the tiny tooth that has popped through? (Hint: Bottom gum, her left side.)

Blaire’s first tooth popped through almost two weeks ago, and the teething tablets have been a life saver! On really rough days, I’ve caved and given her a dose of Tylenol. Up next… Now that Blaire is eating real food, the spoons are a definite must-have! The little mesh feeder is nice, because you can put food in it without having to worry about your baby choking. The puffs are especially perfect on the go. (Since we’ve just started with these, I am still breaking them in half before she eats them.) The shopping cart/high chair cover is amazing! You never know what germs are on shopping carts, or even worse, public high chairs. I can’t believe the disgusting leftover food I’ve seen on them. Ew. Blaire hasn’t been swaddled while she sleeps since she was about two months old. But she’s had some rough nights since that tooth popped through and this has been the best! It helps her fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. She has this crazy habit of rubbing her eyes while she’s trying to fall asleep and while she’s sleeping – so it always ends up waking her up. Swaddling keeps those little restless hands in check!7 Month Old Baby Must Haves

Teething Tablets /// Cart & High Chair Cover /// Puffs /// Swaddler ///  Spoons /// Food Feeder

There you have it… the things I couldn’t live without this month (in addition to her teething favorites, of course!). What are (or were) your 7-month-old’s favorite things? xo

Teething Baby Must-Haves!

Anyone who has cared for a teething baby knows it can be hard, heartbreaking and sometimes it’s just frustrating! There’s nothing worse than a baby in pain, and parents who feel helpless when it comes to dealing with that pain. While you never know when your baby is actually cutting teeth, the stage of teething can really go on for months and months! Symptoms of a teething baby are excessive drooling, rosy cheeks, irritability, low-grade fevers and then there’s the fact that they are biting on anything they can get into their little mouths!

Blaire started her teething symptoms around the age of three months. It was hard to find any teething toys that were small enough for her tiny mouth. Sophie the Giraffe was our saving grace! We tried this teether clip that you can stick in the fridge. She would chew on it for a few seconds, but it didn’t keep her interest. One other thing that worked, was using these little mesh bags meant for food, and placing breast milk ice cubes in them. At three months, she wasn’t able to eat anything but breast milk or formula, so being able to freeze the breast milk was a nice way for her to get something cool, yet familiar, on her little gums.

Fast forward a few months and Blaire has quite a few items that I consider our teething favorites! First up, the Amber Teething Necklace. I had read mixed reviews on whether these were safe or not. There is a misconception that this is something for your baby to actually chew on. It is NOT! It is for your baby to wear. Studies have shown that the warmth from your baby’s skin releases the active ingredient in the Baltic amber, succinic acid. After reading so many positive reviews from parents who had seen a difference in their children, we decided it was worth a try. It wasn’t a huge financial investment, plus they’re so cute! I ordered ours from this shop on Etsy, and have been nothing but happy with it. Within about 48 hours of wearing her necklace, there was definitely a change in Blaire’s temper. She was back to her happy, outgoing self. We double Blaire’s and have her wear it as an anklet, it’s much less scary than having something around your baby’s neck.

Baby Teething Must HavesAmber Teething Necklace /// Teething Book /// Twist & Teethe /// Ring Links /// Sophie Giraffe

These other teething items are all so cute and colorful. Aside from soothing baby gums, they’re also entertaining. The majority of the items are between $2.50 and $7, which makes them perfectly priced so that you can give your baby some fun options at a grumpy time in their little lives. On days when Blaire seems to be especially miserable. I have given her two to three of these teething tablets. They really seem to work wonders! I know many parents are against giving their kiddos medicine, so no worries, everything in the tablets are natural.

Amber Teething Necklace and Baby Rolls

Amber Teething Necklace and Baby Rolls

What are your favorite teething options for your little ones? Have you tried the Amber Teething Necklace? I’d love to know. xo

6 Month Must-Haves

Now that Blaire is six months old, she’s always sitting up when she’s playing on the floor. She especially loves toys that she can chew on whether she’s sitting up or laying down. She also has a few trusty favorites that have been by her side for the past few months. She just looks so big sitting up on the floor, babbling away to her toys. Time is going by way too quickly!

Must Haves for 6 Month Old Baby

TAGGIES™ Blanket // Elephant Pacifier Holder // Giraffe Teether // Picnic Basket // Chime Ball

TAGGIES™ Blanket: Although Blaire doesn’t have this exact blanket, (hers is homemade by grandma!) she loves anything with tags on it! Right before she turned six months, we realized she was into the tags on her toys more than the actual toy. We got out this blanket and it quickly became one of her favorite things.

Sophie the Giraffe Teether: Blaire has loved Sophie since she was about three months old! And Sophie has been a lifesaver at times. At three months she was perfect, because most teething toys are hard to fit in a mouth that tiny. Sophie also makes a fun, squeeky noise (just like a dog toy!) so that’s an added bonus.

Taggies™ Chime Ball: This ball was a gift we received right when she turned six months old. She was in awe of it from the moment she saw it. Again, she is obsessed with tags! The ball has a little bell in it, so it makes a fun noise, too. One of her favorite games is to sit and roll the ball back and forth with daddy!

LeapFrog® Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket: This was another gift! No matter how angry this little girl is, the moment she hears her picnic basket talking to her, she gets a giant smile on that adorable face. All of the pieces that come with it are the perfect size for little hands, and she LOVES chewing on them! She is especially into plates and cups right now, so having her own to play with is perfect.

Ella Bella Elephant WubbaNub® Pacifier Holder: This is now the only binky Blaire will take. She loves that she’s able to get it in her mouth by herself and that there’s something to hold on to. It’s especially helpful when she’s sleepy!

Well, these are some of the things we always have around. What are your baby’s favorite things?