Baby Must-Haves

Every month I document our favorite things! I’ll save them all here for easy reference. :) As you can tell, I started this blog when Blaire was 6 months old. As time permits, I’ll be backtracking and adding in our other must-have items.

6 Mo Must Haves

TAGGIES™ Blanket // Elephant Pacifier Holder // Giraffe Teether // Picnic Basket // Chime Ball
Read more about our 6 Month Must-Haves here.

7 Month Old Baby Must Haves

Teething Tablets /// Cart & High Chair Cover /// Puffs /// Swaddler ///  Spoons /// Food Feeder
Read more about our 7 Month Must-Haves here.

8 Month Baby Must Haves

Activity Table /// Balm /// Footie PJs /// Bath Toys /// Apples Apples Apples Pouch /// Baby Gate
Read more about our 8 Month Must-Haves here.

9 10 Mo Must Haves

Wooden Puzzle // Stride & Ride Elephant // Stuffed Elmo // Sippy Cup // Elephant Ball Popper
Read more about our 9 & 10 Month Must-Haves here.

Baby Teething Must Haves

Amber Teething Necklace /// Teething Book /// Twist & Teethe /// Ring Links /// Sophie Giraffe
Read more about our Teething Must-Haves here.

Cold Season Must Haves for Babies

Saline Drops // Gel Sheets // Thermometer // Resinol // Humidifier // NoseFrida // Vicks
Read more about our Cold Season Must-Haves here.


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