Zipadee-Zip Update

Happy Tuesday! I’ve had quite a few questions about the Zipadee-Zip and thought I’d give a quick update. Our Zipadee-Zip came last Thursday (yay!). We tested it out that night and it didn’t go like I had planned. Blaire was awake about every two to three hours and would then fall back asleep. For the record, the reason Blaire wakes up is she just has crazy little hands. It’s like they’re restless. She rubs and rubs her eyes until she wakes herself up. And once she wakes herself up, she keeps rubbing so that she can’t fall back asleep. Sometimes she does it so much that she gets herself mad. It’s so strange, and our daycare provider said she has never had a baby do it… but I guess everyone has their thing, right? Swaddling has worked well, since it keeps her hands away from her face. She does break through occasionally, and we can just wrap her back up and she’ll fall right back asleep.

I love that she looks like a little, striped penguin.

I love that she looks like a little, striped penguin.

So, after it didn’t work for us that night, I jumped on their website to do some research. Fortunately, on their FAQ page, they have a whole section about how to transition your baby from the swaddle to the Zipadee-Zip.  It did state that you should try it during nap time first, to let your baby get used to the new freedom. Sooooo we’ve been trying that. She still wakes herself up from her naps by rubbing her eyes, but will typically doze back off. It also said to try to shrink it up a bit if it seems a little large… so I’ve washed and dried it twice. I ordered the Medium. She’s just barely over 20lbs and the creator of the Zipadee-Zip does say her daughter wore the Small up to 22lbs… so maybe that’s part of the issue, as well?! Tonight we’ll be starting the night off in the Zipadee-Zip. Here’s hoping she’s used to that new-found freedom and wants to sleep through the night. ;)

One random thing: I need suggestions for bibs! We bought some similar to these from Babies R Us and they’re just not good. They stain so easily and no matter what I try to get the stains out, I think they’re stuck for good. They were inexpensive, so I’m not too surprised. I just don’t want to pull out a bib that looks like it’s never been washed when we’re out somewhere. Lol!  I’m looking forward to your suggestions, and here’s hoping for a full night of sleep! xo


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