7 Month Must-Haves

7 months already? Where has the time gone? At 7 months old, Blaire is just ready to go, go, go. Some of the milestones we’ve hit now at 7 months are teething, eating, and playing! Naturally, our must-haves will cover those three major areas.

Can you spot the tooth that's popped through?

Can you spot the tiny tooth that has popped through? (Hint: Bottom gum, her left side.)

Blaire’s first tooth popped through almost two weeks ago, and the teething tablets have been a life saver! On really rough days, I’ve caved and given her a dose of Tylenol. Up next… Now that Blaire is eating real food, the spoons are a definite must-have! The little mesh feeder is nice, because you can put food in it without having to worry about your baby choking. The puffs are especially perfect on the go. (Since we’ve just started with these, I am still breaking them in half before she eats them.) The shopping cart/high chair cover is amazing! You never know what germs are on shopping carts, or even worse, public high chairs. I can’t believe the disgusting leftover food I’ve seen on them. Ew. Blaire hasn’t been swaddled while she sleeps since she was about two months old. But she’s had some rough nights since that tooth popped through and this has been the best! It helps her fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. She has this crazy habit of rubbing her eyes while she’s trying to fall asleep and while she’s sleeping – so it always ends up waking her up. Swaddling keeps those little restless hands in check!7 Month Old Baby Must Haves

Teething Tablets /// Cart & High Chair Cover /// Puffs /// Swaddler ///  Spoons /// Food Feeder

There you have it… the things I couldn’t live without this month (in addition to her teething favorites, of course!). What are (or were) your 7-month-old’s favorite things? xo


2 thoughts on “7 Month Must-Haves

  1. My little girl has been attatched to this little comforter since she was born, when I was making the transition into her own at the early age of 8 weeks (purely because our room wasn’t big enough to put a cot in and her room wasn’t big enough to put a bed in) I always sprayed a comforter with a bit of my perfume, the soft texture creates the impression of clothing and the scent reminds her of me! She will literally not go anywhere without it! It’s called bun buns and it’s fairly dirty now but the health visitors have warned me not to wash it as its the scent they like in it. :) she loves her bun buns!

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