Blaire: 7 Months

It’s so hard to believe that our baby girl is now 7 months old! It’s so amazing to see the new things she learns each day. Blaire now prefers to be up and moving around, no more just sitting around on the couch. She can sit on the floor playing with her toys for hours! She can scoot backwards, roll and spin herself all around on the floor. She takes steps when we hold onto her hands… it’s so crazy to think that she could be walking here in just a few more months! She loves eating and now she opens her mouth up for each bite. She can even feed herself the little Gerber Graduate Puffs! She’s just started drinking water, and we’re working on getting her more familiar with a sippy cup. She loves cartoons, especially Sesame Street characters, which we realized when they made a guest appearance on the Tonight Show!

Our smiling 7-month-old!

Our smiling 7-month-old!

Blaire’s first tooth broke through on Friday, 9/26, just one day after her 7 Month birthday. It’s still barely there. We’re hoping it comes all the way through soon, so that our girl can get back to her happy self! These teething tablets have really been a lifesaver the past week. We only use them when she seems really fussy. She loves letting them dissolve on her tongue and opens her mouth after each ones dissolves, ready to take the next one. Sooo cute! She just realized how to splash around during her bath time a few weeks ago, so that makes bath time much more interesting! She is babbling more and more each day. She really enjoys blowing raspberries, sticking out her tongue and blowing air at us.

Will be posting our 7 Month favorites soon! I’d love to hear what exciting things your little one did at 7 Months! xo


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