Hello, October!

I LOVE October! Fall is my favorite time of year. The cooler temps, the cozy clothes and the scents all make it the most wonderful season. Last October we moved into our new house, found out we were having a baby girl and I visited a friend in New York City (my first time in NY!). While we don’t have any plans as major as anything we did last year, I know this October will be just as fun! Now, let’s pretend it’s Thursday, while I throwback to last October.

First up, we moved into our new house! We moved from the two bedroom townhouse my husband had owned for quite a few years into our three bedroom ranch. We were sooo excited about all of the extra space, especially since we had our new addition on the way. We were also extra excited because we had left the majority of our wedding gifts packed away and were just dying to finally get them all out and put them to good use.

The house was really in great condition and didn’t need much work. The one big project was painting the bright yellow and blue basement to fit our much more neutral taste. We decided on a basic tan and a fun olive green and love how they turned out!

Bye bye, ugly walls!

Up next, finding out baby’s gender! We went in for our original ultrasound, but the tech could only tell us with 60% certainty that she was a girl. I couldn’t tell everyone it was a girl unless we knew for sure. I wasn’t going to announce it to the world, and then have to tell everyone the next month (after our next ultrasound) that it was actually a boy! So, we decided to pay for a 3D ultrasound so that we could go in the next week. During that ultrasound, the tech was able to confirm 100% that it was a girl. It was our first 3D Ultrasound, and it was so fun to be able to see her in there kicking away! We decided to paint a pumpkin for our gender reveal. We painted a real pumpkin… but now I wish I would’ve painted a fake pumpkin so that we’d have it forever. I also searched everywhere for a white pumpkin, but had no luck. Oh well, I was happy with how it turned out in the end. :)

Our Pink Chevron Pumpkin

Our Gender Reveal

Finally, my first trip to NYC! This was also where I splurged on my first pair of truly, high-end designer shoes (Tory Burch!) and where Blaire received her first pair of designer shoes, as a gift from my friend Jackie. The trip was so fun! Even though I was 22 weeks pregnant, the walking didn’t bother me, although going into the trip I had no idea how much walking would be involved. The weather was cool and perfect! I’d love to go back. It really gave me an appreciation for the fact that we don’t have to live in apartments here in the midwest! Below are some photos taken in Central Park.

Central Park Collage

Looking through my photos from NYC made me realize how much I missed my baby bump… so I thought I’d end this with some bump selfies from last October. Looking back, I remember thinking my bump was HUGE. I’d really know what huge looked like 4 months later!

Baby Bump!

Baby Bump from 20 – 24 Weeks

How excited are YOU for October? What’s your favorite part of fall?



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