Learning to Eat

When your baby starts eating solids, it’s a learning experience for everyone! I have read so many great things about Baby Led Weaning (BLW) that I wanted us to give it a try! We’ve done a combination of real food, along with purees, since that’s what seems to work best for us. (Since BLW doesn’t include purees, we aren’t “technically” doing BLW.) At first, I didn’t really have any luck with her eating the purees, but her daycare provider insisted she’s always had good luck getting babies to eat. So we sent along some foods we knew she wasn’t allergic to, and wa la,  she ate a container each day she was there. Once I knew she had it in her, I was determined to get her to actually eat some of the pureed food.

The practice at daycare really helped and she’s now a puree eating champ! Which is amazing, because there’s nothing cuter than a baby covered in baby food! (See proof below.) The funny faces she makes each time she tastes the food is just an added bonus. ;) I had read a lot of articles about being a good idea to mix several foods at each meal. Whether it’s actually blending them together, or alternating between bites. I’ve read only offering one food at a time leads to pickier eaters, and as picky of an eater as I am, I don’t think her dad could handle Blaire taking after her mama!

Puree Food

Loving the spoon as much as the peaches.

Back on the BLW side of things, she has chewed on lots of different foods, and has actually swallowed a few different things. Her favorites have been cantaloupe, watermelon and cheesy garlic bread. (The garlic bread was no surprise since her dad and I have pizza at least once per week!) But, in all of my research, not one person warned me how scary it would be the first few times they actually swallow something that isn’t liquid. She gags, and even makes choking noises. Nothing will freak you out more than hearing your child choke! Which is why we’re more into the purees these days… at least until she figures out this whole swallowing thing!

Enjoying some cheesy, garlic bread

Enjoying some cheesy garlic bread.


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